Sweet W

This little guy and his mom are two of my favorites.  After I took these pictures, I told Blake that I hoped Will would play the guitar forever — so we could look back on these sweet pictures when he’s famous in a rock band someday.  Murphy’s law — two weeks after we took these photos, Will had transitioned from music to art.  The guitar is already a distant memory.  Keeping the photos though — he just looks too cool with that thing.  :)

T Family

Oh my these kids cracked me up.  Every time we’d take a picture, Patrick would say something that would make Caroline laugh.  Then Caroline would roll around on the ground and just soak up the hilarity and joy.  When that happened, it was almost an effort for me to take pictures.  It was hard not to just stop everything and join in the fun.  I love life moments like that.  I loved this family.

The T Family

Jenneane and I were destined to meet.  Ten minutes after I hung up the phone with her to discuss our upcoming mini session I heard her voice in our kids’ gymnastics class.  Two weeks later we started seeing each other in the same 6am power hour class at the Y.  I’ve teased her that we are destined to be future besties the way our paths keep crossing.  This family was so much fun to be with — and the kids were seriously, insanely cute.  I love all of their pictures — and this first one is my favorite.  

Love this next photo.  The kids were getting their clothing changed and I just snapped a few in-between moments.  This expression of Jenneane’s is exactly how I see her: joyful and beautiful, inside and out.

anne - love the behind the scene shot. man i never get to see those you know?December 23, 2010 – 5:23 pm

The G Family

I will forever have a soft spot in my heart for this family.  This was my very first official (paid) family session during my first weekend of mini shoots.  During the session, I took this black & white picture of their family — and still thousands of pictures later, this is one of my favorite “emotionally perfect” photos.  I love everything about it — and I smile/get teary every time I see it.    Stephanie told me it was her favorite too.  Love that.