The O Family

Talk about a fun session!  We met at one of my favorite locations and the seven of us ran from one end to the other, trying to hit as many different spots before the sun went down.  The kids and I talked lots of shop (favorite games/guys/toys, christmas wish lists, etc..) and they kept me entertained with their silly faces, bunny ears, and funny noises.  I have so many favorites from the day (trust me, I was tempted to post 50+ pictures here), including this first one of Susan and Bob.  Love how Bob just keeps Susan laughing.  Love the laugh factor.  Susan and I have been friends since our freshman year in college and she was one of the motivating factors for me starting this business, as she launched South Park Boot Camp ( in 2010.  I am so inspired by her desire to share her passion (and her energy, enthusiasm, and super fun personality) and I wanted to do the same.  Check out her site — and come join us for some awesome workouts!

Z Family

Three sweet (and oh-so-cute) girls and two fun parents.  This was an awesome session.  Scott and I went to college together and though I hadn’t seen him in years, he had me laughing again as if no time had passed.  Tarra had it all together — looking amazing and totally in the groove so soon after sweet A was born.  A natural super mom.  I took a few pictures of baby A as well.  Can’t wait to post those soon!

anne - ummm hello! red headed soul sisters! love them. the profile pic is one of my faves of yours. and cool last one.December 23, 2010 – 6:07 pm

The H Family

A super-mini Christmas card session with some of my oldest and dearest friends in Charlotte.  My boys count these boys among their besties and my hub and I proudly say the same about their parents.  They are so photogenic, I could easily post 30+ pictures here from our session, but decided to leave it simply and stick with a few of my favorite black & whites.

anne - like the conversion in these!December 23, 2010 – 6:06 pm

M Family

Cara and I have been in a dinner club together for the past twelve years.  I love that I remember hearing about the first night she met Mitch.  I love that I celebrated with them at their wedding.  And I love that I’ve been able to watch these three beautiful children grow in this world.  I felt honored and full of joy during this session.   Cara inspires me as a mother, friend and wife.  She fills up my heart and I am truly blessed to know her.