In Love ~ Pamela & Mac

Love and happiness….I’ll be good to you….we’ll be together….

Love and happiness
Make you want to dance…. love and happiness
Love is, walkin’ together, talkin’ together
Say it again, say it together {Al Green}

Julie Teeter - I love how he is carrying her shoes….so sweet!May 20, 2012 – 6:27 pm

Kate Lee - so many amazing ones! awwww to be fresh in love again…esp drawn to the train track ones/nose to noseApril 19, 2012 – 6:38 pm

Kasey, Brian & Avery

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea, I’ll sail the world to find you

If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can’t see, I’ll be the light to guide you

If you toss and turn and you just can’t fall asleep, I’ll sing a song beside you

And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me, everyday I will remind you

You can count on me like one, two, three I’ll be there……  {bruno mars}

anne - reading back on this one and really, brooke, PERFECTION in every way.June 6, 2012 – 6:43 pm

anne - LOVE this one. I mean too many good ones to count. There definitely needs to be a wall dedicated to this shoot. love the b&w of them standing and the color right below and then the ones of mama and baby laughing below that.April 18, 2012 – 4:27 pm

Jen - Oooooh….Love.April 17, 2012 – 8:37 am

Sarah, Ashley, Davin, Ellery

How lucky am I that this adorable family {practically} lives next door to me?

They are all fun and silly and awesome to be around.

We met early for our session and Sarah brought speakers for her iphone.  She cranked the tunes and the kids danced and picked flowers and ran around.

While the kids warmed up in the car we had time for a few photos with just Sarah & Ashley.  I love these &  love that we made time for them.

Love these faces.  Love these cuties!

anne - umm where was this? thought mint but then saw tracks?June 6, 2012 – 7:07 pm

anne - this is a cute fam i know per PH. love the E b&w’s.April 18, 2012 – 4:31 pm

Aileen, Jorge & Lyla

Lyla was full of sunshine, smiles, and the cutest outfits around.  I loved the way her head was covered in the cutest hats and her piggy-toes were naked and wiggling free.  Lyla. was. precious.

Love this next one of Aileen and Lyla.  Two incredible beauties….

I loved the way Lyla was always turning around to gaze at her parents.  True love.

Lindsey - oh my gosh the picture with the ruffle butt and the leg warmers kills me. love it.April 17, 2012 – 5:33 am

Kate Lee - could just eat her up…love her last dress!April 16, 2012 – 8:18 pm

Katie, Trey and Annabel

A few things about sweet, sweet Annabel…

Annabel is from Boston

Annabel loves little chairs

Annabel is a HUGE Clemson fan

Annabel loves to laugh with her parents

Annabel wears the cutest bows – but her eyelashes steal the show

Annabel’s eyes are pretty amazing too.

Annabel is super huggable.  {I mean just look at her in this next photo.  Don’t you want to just run up and squeeze her?}

Annabel is darling

Annabel is still in shock at how amazing her parents are

Annabel loves to go for rides on her father’s shoulders

Annabel pretty much loves any adventure that includes both of her parents

Annabel loves to swing….

….again and again…

Don’t you just love sweet Annabel?

anne - well GO TIGERS! love the one with window in background.April 18, 2012 – 4:35 pm

Kate Lee - crystal clear eyes! so so sweetApril 16, 2012 – 7:39 pm