Valentine’s Day

Today filled my heart.  A card that made me cry and thoughtful gifts from my sweet hub.  And these boys. They won’t sit still for a picture, but they all still consider me their only Valentine.  I’ll take it.

brooke - yes, trish — noah is wearing his ‘super noah’ t-shirt!!February 21, 2011 – 9:03 pm

tricia - it’s wonderful how your boys are so openly loving of each other. heart warming really. love the styling, too. hey, is that a super ‘N’ shirt i see?? :)February 20, 2011 – 8:24 am

dana -

what a wonderful, beautiful family! i miss you all so much!February 15, 2011 – 11:43 pm

blake - could those brown boys be any cuter??? i think not!!February 15, 2011 – 10:56 pm

anne - well look at that collage! great! umm, what were the thoughtful gifts??February 15, 2011 – 5:58 pm

Kate Lee - those boys are scrumptious valentines…can’t wait to see more of those griffin dimples next year…February 15, 2011 – 12:28 pm

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