Traditions with Dear Friends & Merry Christmas!

One of my favorite traditions each year is our annual family photo swap with Tricia Williams  and her family.  We met this year in NoDa and then wrapped up with dinner at Cabo Fish Taco (yum!).  I love the fun family photos Tricia takes of us and I cherish the group photos we get of our kids together.  Hoping we can keep these going through their teenage years.  :)

Doesn’t Tricia have a crazy-cute family?!

{my} miles and ella have been friends since she was born/he was 11 months.  love watching their bond continue to grow.  have to admit as they get older, it sometimes takes them a few minutes to warm up to each other (the boy-girl shyness thing).  someone usually does something silly (like this) and then they are back to their old selves again.

total buds.  all 5 of them.  i cherish these friendship photos.


{a little slap jack waiting for their turns for photos….love my guys}

Tricia in action….wouldn’t shoot a wedding without her….

our beautiful (and uber talented) friend dao and her family joined us this year too.  here are a couple of her and her little guy, j.

my 3 cute, sweet, funny, awesome guys.  love them.

i love this photo.  i love noah’s smile – yes, i know he has 1/2 of a head. doesn’t matter.  i love griffin pretending to be mad (and about to burst out laughing) and i love that miles is smiling (verses super silly or crazy cool) and that his hair is in that in-between stage of not quite short/not yet long again.  its printed and up on my wall already.  its perfect.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!  xoxo

anne - I LOVE HOW THESE TURNED OUT. ALL OF THEM.January 3, 2013 – 7:20 pm

Kate Lee - always so amazed at how stunning trish and dao are in ANY photo…these are priceless…perfect technically and in specialness:) LOVE LOVE LOVED all of your cards!January 3, 2013 – 6:31 am

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