Meet Leila Charis

On February 2nd our world became much brighter and full of much more love.  Sweet, sweet Leila Charis joined our extended family and my heart will never be the same.

After each of my boys were born, I can recall an aching in my heart if I went too long without holding them.  As soon as I received the news that my niece Leila was born, my heart started aching – literally throbbing – to hold her.  I just love that the Lord created our hearts with the fibers to instantly love and long-for our family.

My little sister, Dana, and her husband, Brad, are incredible teachers.  They met in Charlotte when they taught 6th grade in the same middle school.  After they got married they adventured to CHINA to teach.  The Lord is using them in incredible ways there {one of my favorites of their memories is this video from Christmas 2010}.  Luckily for us, Dana and Brad returned to the US temporarily to give birth to Leila.  It was incredible to be able to soak up Leila right away.  Skype just wouldn’t have been the same….

Brad and Dana carefully and thoughtfully selected the name Leila Charis.  Lei means beautiful in Chinese.  La means happy, joy, smile, laughter.  Charis is Leila’s great-grandmother’s (my father’s mother’s) name and it means grace.  Leila Charis is such a perfect name for this darling, little girl.

Dana and Brad settled into parenthood immediately.  They’ve been storing up so much love for this little lady.

These next photos were taken when Leila was a couple of weeks old.

Dana {along with my father} has spent much time teaching in Ghana.  I loved that Leila was just the right size to fit on this ghanian prayer stool of theirs.

{a little trial run for travel around China?}

Can’t you just tell that Dana is going to be such a happy, fun mom?!

And I love the way Brad is looking so lovingly at Dana.  Sweet Leila will learn how much her future husband should cherish her by watching Brad love Dana.

This incredible three-some is back in China now.  Counting the days until they head back in July…

Kimberly Logsdon - I am absolutely in love with these pictures. I love how beautifully orchestrated they were to tell their sweet story. What an amazign memory to have and I feel blessed to have shared in these memories!May 31, 2012 – 11:47 am

Hope Bray - Brooke,
She is so beautiful! Congratulations – miss you!!May 9, 2012 – 10:15 pm

Tracy - The post I’ve been waiting for! Brooke- these are amazing. You captured Dana so beautifully – loving the post partum wardrobe for these pics!! And proud papa, Brad. And I can’t get over Miss Leila. She is perfect! My faves are the prayer stool, carrying the basket, the books/suitcase (what a perfect pose for her wee beginning to life) and the blue background family shot.April 23, 2012 – 4:39 am

Kristin - Congrats Auntie and family! Love the photos!April 22, 2012 – 11:47 am

anne - love love seeing these. love the last! cool tree! love the prayer stool one. that is just too perfect. and the b&w basket one. so many great ones.April 21, 2012 – 10:58 am

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