Kelly, Michael, Maren, Ben & Emerson

Its been so rainy and cold in Charlotte but scrolling through these photos is warming me up inside.  This fun (and beautiful!) family snuggled up, giggled, jumped and snacked.  I loved so many photos from that day.  Here are a few.


{the kids were in ‘official position’ for photos for about 2 seconds.  i mean, really, can kids ever be expected not to jump on a freshly made bed?  :)}

{i’m pretty sure that kissing one brother while smirking at another brother is what got the silliness started}

{there were secrets to tell}

{there were wrestling matches to win}

{and there were sillies to work out}

{there were covers to climb under}

{and there were sisters to jump over}

{there were jokes to play on me – like ‘pretend sleeping’ followed by  ”i really got you good!” chuckles}

{there were intense stories to be told}

{and when we were done playing in Maren’s room, there was another bed to check out}

{there was so much love to pass around}

{there were games of peek-a-boo going on}

{and there were snuggles with mommy}

{there were snack breaks to take.  and contrary to the way it looks, Ben fed me half of his goldfish.  such a generous spirit.}

{there was a photo taken to mark the many hours that this family will spend snuggled up in this bed together}

{talk about a snuggle-buddy……}

{there were chit-chats with mom and dad}

{there were kisses to soak up}

{there were very important photos to scroll through}

{there was some ‘boy talk’ and some big-sister eaves-dropping}

{there were funny hats to try on}

{and not pointing fingers, but there was a power nap involved}

{there were some staring contests}

{there were also more traditional family shots taken — but the photos of the little moments are the ones that call out to me….that make me remember this as one of those great family times that’s about being together.  and that’s it.  just about spending time together.  talking and listening.  playing.  laughing.  jumping.  just being. together.}

Steph - I love bed sessions.January 24, 2012 – 1:25 pm

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