Tom, Aimee, Warren, Reese, Grant and Emma

This family is hands-down SIX times the fun.  The kids were full of energy and silliness and are all so unique.  We met at their condo on Lake Wylie, where they love to spend their weekends together.  It was beautiful — such an amazing, family-friendly retreat.

Back in my healthcare consulting days, Tom and I worked together.  I can still remember Tom’s excitement when he announced each of Aimee’s pregnancies. He created his own rip-off countdown calendars for each child and we’d all stop by his office daily to check out “how long until?”  The best part was that we didn’t need to look — as soon as we saw Tom he’d day, “hey!  32 days till the baby comes!”  Never have I seen a father more outwardly enthusiastic about his kids’ arrivals.  It was such a treat to spend time getting to know the kids so grown up — and I loved seeing Aimee’s stamp on them, whether that be on the outside (loved their hair – some red, some curly) or on the inside (they were all so sweet, so funny, and so laid back).   Thank you all for sharing such a fun Sunday night with me!  Here are a few shots from our session together.

Four kids all bonded together by their powerful love.  Pretty certain that’s the epitome of success.

tricia williams - love how you seemed to capture each of their personalities, and the love in this family. jonathan was just talking about how off-the-charts cute these kids were as babies. beautiful family.September 5, 2011 – 7:05 am

anne - whoa! love these! the curls, the sunglasses the mom and kids pic and the first one. great. great.September 2, 2011 – 5:39 pm

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