Kristen, Brian, Benjamin and Parker

I loved this early-morning session with Kristen, Brian, Benjamin and Parker last Friday. Just hours after our playtime, the sky opened up and stormed over Charlotte for most of the day — but at 7am the light was beautiful and the sky was calm.  The kids had a great time running through the maze/rose garden and climbing in trees.  We three adults trailed behind them, laughing for much of it.

It was Parker’s third birthday and he arrived with the best birthday hat.  He also arrived thinking that they were meeting a “tiger” vs a “photographer”.  He was a little disappointed at first, so I did my best to growl from behind the camera as much as I could. haha

Sweet Benjamin was happy to stop and gaze up at me.  He was a dream to photograph.

As always, I love to take 2 minutes for some hub/wife shots.  Pretty sure these two could be models.  {Any chance you’ll let me photograph a vow-renewal ceremony someday? Can’t even imagine all the breathtaking shots from you two!}

Kate Lee - cute cute family…love the 2 boys jumping on dad…only you can be a tiger behind camera BB:)August 9, 2011 – 11:51 am

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