Megan & Newman ~ Married, Part I

Megan and Newman were married on July 16th, 2011 at The Arts Club in DC.   Meg’s sister is my good friend, Kate, and I was ever-so honored to share in such an important day.

The room was full of so much love as Meg was getting ready.  So many hands and eyes on her, helping her prepare to marry Newman.  One friend doing her make-up.  Another friend fixing her hair.  Her sister, Kate, dressing her and fastening her earrings.

Meg wore the same dress that Kate wore to her wedding.  She slipped on the same shoes that Kate said, I do, in.  Watching Kate tie the back of Meg’s dress for her made me teary.

The final result of all the doting on Meg was breathtaking.  Her dress, her hair, her make-up — all incredible.  Still, the parts of Meg that took my breath away she had all along — her eyes, her smile.  She radiated beauty.

Meg and Newman opted for a first look before their ceremony.  It was so romantic.  So beautiful.  So amazing to be invited to witness and capture it.
Check back tomorrow for their beautiful ceremony & much-fun reception!

Kate Lee - I’m really not sure how to express to you how truly special you are Brooke. You are an amazing friend to have come all the way to Washington DC and capture a moment in my life that would not have come close to the same without you. You are a special friend and you have a crazy special talent. Do you understand how mediocre the “first look” would have been had you not scouted out that ally way? the emotion would have been there but how cool did these turn out?!!! breathtaking…July 31, 2011 – 2:51 pm

anne - wow. teary. first. heehee love all the lulu :) megan is such a beauty, just like her sissy. love the fixing of the hair and the b&w laughing one. and that head on b&w one is amazing. framer for newman forever. beautiful/perfect capture of the bride. also love the sister shots the fan profile shot and the dress. and ps cool new logo. love the simplicity love the lowercase. i’m a big fan.July 29, 2011 – 5:13 pm

Tracy - Beautious! A stunning couple that you captured in such a “real” way. (Does that make sense? natural vs posed or uncomfortable). Love all the shots with Kate and friends, too…those will be the special moments before the ceremony that she will want to remember. Masterful!!July 29, 2011 – 1:16 pm

dao - brooke these are so amazing i can’t get over it. you did such an amazing job!July 29, 2011 – 6:55 am

Suzanne - BEAUTIFUL!July 28, 2011 – 6:04 pm

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