Rachael, Andrew, Addison & Aidan

A couple of months ago, one of my favorite people emailed me to introduce me to Rachael, saying, “you two have to meet and be friends!” What a wonderful gift that email was!  Rachael is sweet and kind and laughs ever so easily.  She is gracious and welcoming and relaxed.  Rachael is also a photographer and had an incredible business in Texas before her family relocated to Charlotte.  Its been fun taking some time to chat about our shared passion — and I’m pretty sure we could talk shop for hours upon hours {look out Charlotte…once Rachael launches her business here there will be a waiting list for months!}.

I was honored when Rachael asked me to take photos of Aidan, just a few weeks after he was born.  He was much more interested in being held than in lounging solo and for that I am grateful.  These photos of Rachael and Aidan make my heart skip-a-beat and I wish I had similar photos of me with each of my guys.  Its clear that this little guy is greatly loved and cherished.  What a gift.

dao - i love the b&ws brooke. just beautiful.June 23, 2011 – 7:03 pm

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