Cheryl ~ John ~ Ava ~ Hunt ~ Mac ~ Smith

At 8am on Saturday it was crazy foggy and super wet.  We could have cancelled.  We could have complained.  Instead we ran around together and then had a dance party.   It was pretty amazing.

When I see your face there’s not a thing that I would change.

‘Cause you’re amazing just the way you are.

And when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while.

‘Cause, you’re amazing just the way you are

Here’s a slideshow of some of my favorites from our morning:

anne - what a super cute fam. didn’t know cheryl had a red head! mac and eve are in class together next year. love it. these are super. love the syling here cheryl! you got some great of just the kids. too cute.June 2, 2011 – 10:45 am

sarah - Brooke, these photos are outstanding!! Great job capturing the happiness in their faces and keeping up with them. you are so talented!!June 2, 2011 – 3:57 am

Heather - These are so fantastic!June 1, 2011 – 9:56 am

Lindsey - this family is ADORABLE. You got SO many good pictures!June 1, 2011 – 6:14 am

Cheryl - You did such a fantastic job!!! Thank you thank you!June 1, 2011 – 4:16 am

Tracy - Lovin’ the tunage and slide show…really, how are they going to choose? So many great shots.May 31, 2011 – 8:15 pm

Kate Lee - so so sweet…what a cool SPWS fam this is! kinda feel like the overcastness made for awesome light! soo sooo many good ones bb!May 31, 2011 – 7:41 pm

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