Katie, Molly, Jack and Lucy {Sharing Love}

This group had me giggling from the start.  Molly requested that I call her, “Ichabod”.  Little Lucy introduced herself as “Flower”.  And Jack looked me square in the eyes and said, “I’m Jack”.

They all arrived ready to hang out and have fun.  We played a little game of “one…two…three…BOO!”  Katie yelled out different funny words (instead of Boo) each time.  Her kids loved it.

Mothers and sons.  Nothing like it.

Girls give good loves too.

These two cracked me up.  They were so cute together and both so funny — preferring to ‘crazy dance’ instead of stand still and smile (their idea was definitely more fun).

No crazy dances for Jack {hehe}.  Looks like he might be prepping for a future modeling gig, actually.  He’s got the look.

I really loved their playful nature.

Happy, happy, happy, happy.  The perfect way to describe them all.  Makes me happy too.

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