Lauren, Logan and Elle {Sharing Love}

Could these twins, Logan and Elle, be any cuter?  I could tell instantly that they have that incredible, cannot-be-broken, twin bond.  Look how close they are sitting to each other in this first photo.  I love it.  I can just imagine them curled up, snuggling in the womb…ready to explore the world together.

Lauren, their mom, said that they are the very best playmates.  After seeing them chase each other around everywhere, I totally believe it.

I loved their playtime with Lauren too.  I mean, what’s better than a beautiful afternoon outside, in an amazing backyard, with your mom as your playmate?!  Makes me so excited for summer break with my own boys.

Lindsey - those twins are too cute. almost makes me want some. almost. Logan looks like a mini frat boy :-) I love it.May 26, 2011 – 12:04 pm

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