Jackie, Brandon, Evan, Ryan & Sarah {Sharing Love}

The ground was soaking wet and I’m pretty sure it was still on-and-off drizzling, but you wouldn’t know it based on Jackie, Brandon, Evan, Ryan and Sarah’s smiles.  And their curls….seriously, does it get any cuter than all these curls?!   I met Jackie this year through SouthPark Boot Camp and I LOVED getting to meet her family.  Evan, Ryan and Sarah could not have been sweeter — and they were the best assistants, recommending great spots for photos while we were together.

I always love taking hub & wife shots.  Feel like the kids get “everyday” shots at home – but how often do mom & dad?

We laughed that I always end up bringing out the busting-out-laughing shots, verses the “fierce” serious ones. Need to work on that.  :)

This shot below made me laugh (forgive me, Jackie & Brandon, for posting it).  I immediately asked them if they married ‘same-same’ vs opposites attract.  Jackie confirmed — they are “same-same” personalities AND she added that they’ve known each other since high school.  I just love that.  I love that they both put their right hands up to their faces.  I also LOVE that Brandon put his left hand on Jackie’s arm.  That’s the best part, really.

Ryan, Sarah and I were walking back together and caught these last few shots before we finished up.  Sweet-sweet-sweetness.

anne - oh man classic brooke brown here with the couple shots. love love these. know this mama from SP. so cute. love the picking flowers one.May 18, 2011 – 6:40 pm

Kate Lee - love these! sarah is one of Stell’s besties at school…showed her and she said “meimi’s sarah!” everything is possessive nowadays…even her friend sarah apparently! the second to last of sarah and lt hand to heads deep in laughter are my faves!!!May 17, 2011 – 5:20 pm

dao - awesome! i think those last shots against the white are my fav.May 17, 2011 – 4:24 pm

Lindsey - i love that the little girl looks just like her mama. she is so so cute!May 17, 2011 – 11:15 am

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